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Doyukai North America is an organization of dojos, instructors, and Aikido practitioners dedicated to the development of the martial art of Aikido, as created by the Founder, Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei.  We believe that aikido practice can transform lives and we strive to help dojos become more successful in fulfilling that goal by providing educational material and resources on and off of the mat.


We strives to exist in harmony with other Aikido organizations, respecting other traditions and organizational lineages. Our goal  is to promote the growth and development of Aikido dojos for the greater good of aikido. All of our activities abide by the provisions of the Aikikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters International Regulations.



Doyukai North America promotes the development of training, events, and opportunities for members at all levels and backgrounds without discrimination. All activities are open to all people of any organization and lineage of Aikido, regardless of affiliation.  Along with hosting annual events, we provide a robust online platform for the exchange of aikido ideas and resources. Our platform consists of:​

  • A podcast with interviews and best practices shared

  • Two social media groups for the dissemination of resources and ideas, Aikido Instructors Group and All Things Aikido.

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